Regional Cuisine from Different Nations brought together & presented in Gourmet Style


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We are a gourmet food delivery business & we love cats. From our delivery staples of pizzas, dumplings, sandwiches, tacos, exotic Indian fare and everything that is your go to comfort food, and many more scrumptious treats from various regions of the world.

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From the menu designed and curated by Chef Megha Kohli and Chef Pawan Bisht, the Fat Cat is our combined guilty pleasure for ordering in, great everyday office food replacement and also fully customisable menu for your (in)famous house parties.


Taking inspiration from around the world, all the food dishes on our menu are designed for a unique experience, paired with ingredients so good they really speak for themselves.


Refreshing drinks fused with ingredients from around the world. Experience flavors exploding in your mouth. Our drinks use the finest seasonal produce, that brings out some out of the world's exotic flavors.


We are working to be as sustainable as possible, while ensuring we deliver a gourmet experience at your doorstep. When making choices about our suppliers and packaging, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Order now and experience yourself.

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